Finding the Right Contractor

This topic is probably one of the hardest for anyone who is looking for a contractor, how do you know they are the right one? Well, it really isn't that hard if you follow these tips before deciding on one. My first tip is to look and talk to three different contractors. And no, this…
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What to DIY and What Not to…

As a homeowner, there are home improvement projects that we think "Hey, that seems easy enough, I can do it myself"... THINK AGAIN! Yes, there are some things that you could do on your own but there are some projects that should be done by a professional. For instance, if you think you could change…
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Stay Tuned!

Hey - we're going to start providing some great resources for you here about construction, home improvement, how to get the most out of your project, etc.!  You'll want to stay tuned for great tips, ideas and suggestions!
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