Where to look for a Contractor and What Qualities are Important?

To everyone out there who is looking for a contractor I am going to tell you one thing... ask around! People are going to refer you a contractor, or anyone that does any type of work for that matter, that they trust and have used before. Word of mouth is a huge way to hear about someone. People are going to be honest about what they have experienced and they are going to want to help achieve the experience they had! We have realized, that you get more reoccurring and consistent customers because of an experience someone they knew had, so they referred them. Reviews are also a great way to find a contractor. People are going to be honest, especially on the internet about their experience even if they are meant to be read by complete strangers.

Time and time again, people are all about giving their opinions. I have caught myself doing this when someone asks on Facebook about a good florist, or a good dentist, I always seem to give them an opinion. The reason why is that you want people to use who you use. It's almost an automatic response. You don't think twice to refer someone to a friend or family member. Its so interesting, but we do it!

There are some qualities that you also tend to think about as well when it comes to finding the right contractor, which is completely understandable. One quality is trust. You have to be able to trust the person that you are allowing go into your home and work on one of your most important investments. Trusting the contractor is a huge necessity! Make sure that is one of the first things you find out! Another one is commitment. I'm not talking about the "relationship" "boyfriend/girlfriend" type. I am talking about a business relationship. Where they are taking care of you every step of the way. Answering every call and question you have and ensuring that they are making it easy on you.

So all in all, trust your friends and family members word. What they say is only to help you and to give you the same experience that they had with the contractor. Look for trust and commitment with the contractor, you have to make sure you are comfortable with the person you are going to be working closely with. Finding a contractor can be very difficult and stressful but don't be afraid to ask around and get opinions. They will make all the difference!

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