Promotions and Gimmicks Constructions Companies Use.. What’s a Scam?

Free consultation? Free bathroom remodel with a kitchen remodel purchase? 25% off a project of your choosing? All of these are gimmicks I have seen other companies use. The question is, are any of these scams? I would have to use an example in order to help you know. Have you ever received a "coupon" in the mail, with maybe the coupons you get for the grocery store? Maybe it says "25% off of a home improvement project" Have you ever wondered why companies have to use these gimmicks? This topic always comes up to question when I see these adds or coupons. So, I acted on it. I am going to call one of these companies to see what the coupon is all about. When I called and asked, they were very friendly, professional. Nothing was out of the ordinary. But when I asked about the promotional they had for the 25% off they said that they are offering it but there was a catch. You had to do another project at full price of greater value to get 25% off another project of your choosing.

Now, I don't know if it was just me but I thought that was a little ridiculous. I mean, I certainly understand the promotional tool they used. I don't think it was terrible. But the problem was that they did not have that advertised with the deal. I know, I know, it's such the cliché to say "read the fine print" but in this case I think it was necessary. What if someone didn't call to ask about more details. I certainly understand! If I see a good deal or a coupon, I am all for it. But sometimes the fine print is necessary. Some of these companies tend to try to get people to just see their name, thinking that it will draw them more business even if it is not a great deal that they are offering. Scams come around more than we think and its  sad we have to start asking around to make sure its a legitimate promotion. It might not be they are willfully trying to take advantage of the everyday customer, they may just think that it would be a great way to advertise and get their name out there.

To finalize this post, I would like to say to ask questions! No matter if its a small promotional item. It's always good to ask question. You want to show these companies that you have done your research and that you know what your talking about. It won't hurt you. Understand what company you are going into business with and what they are offering is really a great deal! They are out there! There are companies who really want to get people the best deal possible and offer promotions to get the trust of the customers. Because without that, the companies wouldn't last long. Do your research, ask around, ask the company themselves about the promotions they had advertised! Remember, this is your home, have people that have the best interest in your home and you as the customer!

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