Is There a Best Time to Start Home Improvement Projects?

Home improvement projects can be stressful and expensive but lets face it, we all say this but than decide to take on the task to start one. First and foremost by deciding what you want to do for a project and some ideas, than finding the contractor to do the work. I know I know, is there really the BEST time to start a home improvement project? With one weekend being dedicated to a birthday party, the next following week your out of town, or just realizing you could be without a bathroom, kitchen or living room for however many days. The reality is that no matter how much planning and budgeting you do, there really is no perfect time. The stress of every detail really makes you wonder "can this wait?" or "we can do this next year?". But let's be honest... this means it just keeps getting pushed back until you realize its been 3 years since you said you wanted it done.

Trust me! We understand! We are not in the business to inconvenience people and just take over their home and space for days on end to do a project. We want to make it as less painful as possible so that you realize hey, that was not bad at all! Timing is very important for people and we get that, but sometimes things can't be timed out down to the minute. Unfortunetly, there are some things that need to be timed right. That is anything exterior. There is a time that exterior cannot be done, and I think you know when that is....WINTER. Siding, roofing and everything in between need to be done during the Summer, Spring or Fall.
1.) Not only because workers would freeze trying to put materials on your home as well as remove them
2.) But if you decide to paint anything on the exterior of your home, the paint will take longer to dry since it needs to be above a certain temperature.

These factors are pretty big. They don't seem like it, but trust me, I don't think you want an exterior project to take more time because the workers are slow due to the cold temperatures. For exterior work, Winter is not the time for those projects. As for any other projects, it can really be done whenever. I understand the hesitation of starting these projects but as stated before, when is there a "perfect" time. And just think, once it's done and you get to use your brand new kitchen for a family dinner, you will think back and say "I'm so glad we did it when we did".

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