Portfolio Category: Interior Remodeling & Renovation

Living Room

There's nothing more gratifying than ripping up old carpeting to find beautiful hardwood flooring!  With a little refinishing and conditioning, they can add warmth and character to your living space.  That's just what we did here. We combined it with recessed lighting a fireplace remodel and some other enhancements to transform a tired room into…
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Basement Remodel

Often, basements are under-utilized!  Whether your basement is extremely outdated or you have a large amount of unfinished space, remodeling your basement can provide beautiful and valuable living space for you, your family and your guests.  This basement was transformed by tearing out old flooring, adding new carpet and tile and new furniture! BEFORE: AFTER:
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Over the years we have worked on various custom fireplaces and have a great team to work with you on your fireplace project. PICTURE 1: PICTURE 2:
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